How to run Python 2 and Python 3 together on Windows 7

I have always wanted to have both Python 2 and Python 3 installed and running on my Windows 7 computer, but I feared that installation was going to be a nightmare. However, today I put my fear aside and dove right into the task. At least two scenarios are possible. While my experience was with the first scenario, the second one is also possible. So here is how to approach each one: ###Scenario 1: Python 2, virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper are already installed... Read More

My method for finding the best books on any topic of

I recently read an article about the importance of Computational Thinking. It is important because it helps you think about ways you can use computers to solve problems – something that the knowledge of a programming language’s syntax does not necessarily provide. So, I decided to read a good book about the subject. But first, I had to find the book. In what follows, I will explain how I went about finding a great Computational Thinking book using Amazon and users' feedback.... Read More

5 Tips for writing more concise and elegant code in Python

Last week, I was reviewing some of the first lines of code I wrote when I was learning python three years ago. While they worked, I now realise that there are many things I could have done in a more elegant and concise way. Of course, when learning a new programming language one is always encouraged to build things from scratch, to write one’s own functions, classes or methods to do things even when such code might already exists.... Read More