Describing some aspect of life in my hometown with three emojis

I was tasked to make three conceptual emojis that describe or represent an aspect of life in your hometown. In this post I talk about the approach I followed to come up with the design. Firstly, I’m from Cap-Haitien which is the second city in Haiti. I was born and raised there, so I know a lot about the city. In order to come up with the initial emoji designs, I had to think about three things that are part of the traditions and culture of my hometown.... Read More

I had a 12-hour technology detox, here is how it went

On September 13th 2015, from 12:00pm to 12:00am I was on a technology detox , i.e. I was not allowed to use any electronic communication devices. The following is an account of how I spent those twelve hours. Before starting my 12-hour technology detox, I had to warn my friends and family about it. I felt the need to do so because I usually reply quickly to emails and instant messages except when I’m traveling.... Read More

On communication and technology

As human beings we have a natural need to communicate with one another. In order to do so, we use different tools. Such tools include language, gestures, drums, computers, cellphones etc… To me all those tools that facilitate communication among humans are technologies. In a more general sense, a technology is anything that improves the life of humans. In the first chapter of the book “The Information” by James Gleick we see how the same technology can be used differently in different cultures.... Read More

Is your Python loop followed by an else clause? If yes, read on

Today I decided to start my day by reading about common anti-patterns in Python and how to fix them. An anti-pattern in the context of programming is a piece of code that solves a problem but that has the potential of having unintended bad consequences. One of those anti-patterns is the use of an else clause right after a loop without a break statement. As the article explains, the else clause following a loop is only executed when the loop sequence becomes empty.... Read More

My First Week At the Recurse Center

This summer I’m lucky to be attending the Recurse Center (RC). RC is a 12-week long self-directed retreat for programmers. It is a place one goes to become a better programmer by working on programming projects of one’s interest. We started the first day, Monday the 26th of May, with some welcome talks by the RC founders, facilitators and employees. The Recursers from the first batch also gave us some really good advices.... Read More

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery make life easier

I have been hearing the terms “continuous integration” and “continuous delivery” for quite some time. However, it wasn’t until last week that I decided to not only learn more about them but also use them in my own projects. What is continuous integration? Continuous integration (CI) is a development practice where developers push code to a central repository several times a day. Every time code is pushed to the repository an automated build is run to verify that the new code did not cause any errors/bugs in the system.... Read More