[Mashups Class] Ideas for Second Project

by Joe Jean | on October 21, 2014 | mashups programming javascript api

For my second project for this class, I have two ideas. I would like to implement one during this week and work on the other when I have more free time. Okay, without further ado here they are.

The first idea is to create an interactive map that represents the countries where the NYUAD student body hails from. To implement this idea, I would need a dataset of all the countries represented in the student body. And there are two ways I can get this data. One way is to ask someone from the office of Residential Education and the other way is to use the Facebook Graph API in order to retrieve the hometown of all the NYUAD students who are members of a student’s secret group on Facebook. Then I would use this open API to get the geographical coordinates of each country. And finally, I would use D3.js to build an interactive map visualization of the content.

The second one is to use data from the World Bank in order to build a site that allows someone to compare two given countries. So, the user would enter two country names and I would request data for those countries from the World Bank API and display the data in the forms of graphs/visualizations. For example the user can easily see the number of students who go to school in a give country. Again, here I plain to use D3.js to build the visualizations.

Over the weekend, I will decide which one of those two ideas that I’m going to implement first.

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