My name is Joe Jean. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from New York University in Abu Dhabi. I currently live in Dubai with my beautiful wife and a handsome son. I work as a Senior Backend Developer (at Medable). I love building software that make people’s lives easier.

Technology and I

I have been in love with computers since the first time I was introduced to them: I was 14 years old. The more I use this powerful tool the more I love it and the more my eagerness to learn more about it. During the past few years, I have acquired some experience working in different branches of the computer industry: from desktop support, to web development, application programming and telecom network operations. Furthermore, in addition to various training and seminars that I have attended, I studied Computer Science at University of the People for almost two years. Thanks to my academic achievements there, I was offered the opportunity to apply to NYU Abu Dhabi. Among other branches of Computer Science, I’m really interested in Software Engineering and System Administration. And, yes, my favorite programming language is Python!

My Core Values

As a Christian, I strive to honor God’s name in everything I do. I value honesty, integrity, respect for others, love, hard work and positive thinking.

Some Of My Hobbies

When I’m not writing codes or playing with a new technology, you can find me reading a good book, playing soccer or riding a bike. I also love traveling the world!

Contact Me

Please just shoot me a message at joe.j.jean [at] and I will be glad to reply back as soon as possible. Or you can connect with me via the different social networks whose links are listed on the upper right part of the site. I hope to hear from you!